FaithCare Member FAQs

Clinic hours? FaithCare services are available during regular clinic hours, 9AM – 4PM. Please call or check our website for current schedule. Our clinic is open Monday through Friday. KwikCare services are available five days per week, as well.

How long does it take to get appointments? Most of the time we are able to schedule primary care appointments in a few days. Rarely does it ever take more than two weeks. KwikCare appointments are same day walk in. If you call ahead we can tell you the best time to come. (Note: due to COVID-19, KwikCare is temporarily suspended).

What should I expect with FaithCare Virtual Visits powered by CoxHealth? If you have an urgent medical need that only requires a quick visit with a provider, you can contact a qualified CoxHealth provider online with your smartphone or PC with a camera. It requires a few easy steps: 1) Enter in your browser. 2) Click on the link to download the VidyoConnect app (first time only). The app will run in the background. 3) Return to the browser website and click on the “Start Your Visit” button. 4) When prompted, enter the FaithCare Plan Code: Faith10. You will be directed to a short Patient Registration page. 5) Complete the registration information and submit the form online. 6) You will be asked to provide credit card information for your $10 online payment. (For a printable pdf with Virtual Visit information, click here)

How do I know if my illness can be treated with FaithCare Virtual Visits powered by CoxHealth? When you reach a Virtual Visits Navigator you will be asked to confirm your name and the name of the business that sponsors your FaithCare plan, ensuring that you are a current FaithCare member. The Navigator will talk with you about the nature of your illness to ensure that you can be seen by a provider.

When can I use FaithCare Virtual Visits powered by CoxHealth? Monday through Friday you can reach a provider between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. CoxHealth displays hours of service for Virtual Visits on their website for easy reference.

How can I get a prescription? If you register and qualify for prescriptions through the Faith Community Health dispensary we can service most of your prescription needs onsite. If you prefer, we can provide you with a prescription to use at any pharmacy you choose.

Prescription limitations? Faith Community Health does not stock or dispense narcotics. We are able to provide a wide variety of generic drugs through Dispensary of Hope and we work with pharmaceutical manufacturers to obtain name-brand drugs for patients who qualify. While there are some prescriptions we are unable to obtain, our dispensary is able to supply most of our patients’ needs. If we cannot obtain a particular prescription, you will be provided with a prescription to fill elsewhere at your expense.

Prescription income guidelines? Access to prescriptions requires proof of eligibility annually to meet our supplier requirements. The following income limits are currently in effect, based on household size. The higher income PAP eligibility applies to only Patient Assistance Program brand name drugs accessed through pharmaceutical manufacturers. (Income schedule effective Feb. 1, 2020)

# in Household Income Limit / PAP Limit
1 $25,520 / $38,280
2 $34,480 / $51,720
3 $43,440 / $65,160
4 $52,400 / $78,600
5 $61,360 / $92.040
6 $70,320 / $105,480
7 $79,280 / $118,920
8 $88,240 / $133,360

Birth control prescriptions? While we are not able to supply prescriptions for birth control, we can write a prescription you may take to any drugstore. Since we are unable to source this item, the cost is in addition to your $10 monthly dispensary service fee if you have other prescriptions through Faith Community Health. There is no charge for writing your prescription.

Vision Care services? FaithCare Vision and FaithCare Advantage members are eligible for a vision exam every 12 months. You may choose to receive services at any optometrist or ophthalmologist. Your plan will cover the cost of a basic eye exam, up to $65. If your eye care professional charges more, or if you choose to receive additional services, you will be responsible for any additional amount due.

Scheduling a vision appointment? Contact your optometrist to schedule an appointment. Advise them that you are a FaithCare Vision member and they will receive a check from Faith Community Health for basic exam services, up to $65. Then contact the business office at Faith Community Health to make arrangements to pay your $10 FaithCare Vision exam fee and pick up a check made out to your optometrist. Finally, present the check when you arrive for your vision exam.

Purchasing eyewear? You may choose where you would like to purchase your glasses. Our vision care partners have low-cost frames and lenses available to FaithCare Vision members. Currently, we are partnering with Pearl Vision Eye Care Center in Branson and Walmart Vision Center in Branson West. Prices begin under $50. If you prefer, we can assist you with an online purchase. We charge a $10 dispensing fee for this service. We can help you learn how and where to purchase inexpensive eyewear that meets your needs.

Need free eyeglasses? We can help you find free glasses through the Lions eye program. For information, review on the internet.

How should I pay? Faith Community Health accepts cash or debit/credit cards for services. All payments are due at the time of service.

What do I need to bring? Bring your FaithCare membership card and personal ID to each appointment.

Where is Faith Community Health? Our clinic is located near downtown Branson. From Hwy 76 (Main St), head south on 6th St, next to US Bank, four blocks to 610 S 6th St. Our building is on the left, with ample parking for your convenience.

Who are your medical providers? Our primary care provider is Dr. Scott Washburn, MD, A.P., an assistant physician with a degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. . We also utilize KwikCare Online providers from CoxHealth via our telemedicine connection in the clinic.

Will you accept my health insurance? Faith Community Health does not accept payment from insurance companies or state or federal programs like Medicaid or Medicare. We accept cash and credit cards for payment at the time of service.

What happens if I am no longer a FaithCare member?
Faith Community Health welcomes patients who live or work in Stone or Taney counties. You may be eligible for our standard income-based fees. All you need to do is register. Simply call 417-336-9355 for info or to set up a registration appointment. Check out our registration page for more info. For more detailed info about services available to you at Faith Community Health, check out this printable pdf.