Am I Eligible?

To become a patient at FCH, you will first need to schedule a verification appointment. To be eligible for FCH, you must be prepared with income verification documents. For a list of requirements, please see below.

See Our Healthcare Provider For…

Medical needs: minor injuries common cold, aches, fevers, and rashes, etc.
Dental needs: for things like tooth aches and tooth extractions.
Vision needs: if you think you might need glasses.

FCH Medical Office Visit Fees

(Based on Income and Insurance Status)

Family Size Fee A Fee B Fee C
Household Number Fee At or Below Fee At or Below Fee Over
1 $25 $17,505 $40 $23,340 $50 $23,341
2 $25 $23,595 $40 $31,460 $50 $31,461
3 $25 $29,685 $40 $39,580 $50 $39,581
4 $25 $35,775 $40 $47,700 $50 $47,701
5 $25 $41,865 $40 $55,820 $50 $55,821
6 $25 $47,955 $40 $63,940 $50 $63,941
7 $25 $54,045 $40 $72,060 $50 $72,061
8 $25 $60,135 $40 $80,180 $50 $80,181

FCH Dental Office Visit Fees

Qualifying patients of FCH will receive discounted dental services based on household income and insurance status. Patients of FCH will never pay full price for dental services! You may be eligible to receive treatment for only 35% of the total cost of dental services. Call 417-336-9355 to schedule an appointment.

What Do I Need To Register?

– Picture ID
– Green Card
– Social Security Card
– Tax Records*
– Income Records (Household)**

*Most recent 1040 OR be prepared to complete the 4506-T form
**Two most recent paycheck stubs or P&L and proof of unemployment, disability, and child support

Appointments or Walk-ins Welcome

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Office will be open on Wednesdays 9-5

Get Healthy… Get Active! Sign up for Faith’s Fitness Classes today!

Faith Community Health offers low-impact chair aerobic classes at a reduced cost at our clinic through the YMCA. Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 am.

We want to help you become a healthier you in body, mind and spirit. Financial Assistance available.