Faith Community Health offers Patient Assistance for qualifying patients by working with medication manufacturers and suppliers to provide costly prescriptions at no additional charge to our patients. Call our Intake Office today to schedule an appointment to be verified to begin receiving FCH Dispensary Services

Dispensary Providers

Heather Burney
Pharm. D.

Alyssa Laurich
Pharm. D.

April Risner
Pharm. D.

Stephanie Paul
Pharm. D.

Kayla Froemming
Pharmacy Technician


We appreciate the services of our past volunteer providers.

Ryan Baker, Pharm. D.

Carissa Virtue, Pharm. D.

Tom Lale, RPh

Becca Becker, Pharm. D.

Donna Neighley, RPh

Bryan Schneider, Pharm. D.

Cassie Heffern, Pharm. D.