Faith Impact Stories: Carlotta, Paul, and Janet

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Faith Community Health has registered more than 6500 individuals since we opened our doors nearly 10 years ago! But we strive to always think about people over numbers.

Faith Community Health is about helping neighbors. Real people with stories of their own. Community members who walk through our doors needing a helping hand, a listening ear, and a gentle touch. We’d like to highlight a few stories of Faith Community Health from 2019 as a reminder of the impact we’re making in southwest Missouri.


Carlotta* moved to Branson almost two years ago with her adult son, who has a mental disability, and her daughter, who helps take care of him. Their hope and dream are to start a better life within the Branson community. As she and her family get on their feet, expenses such as a $300 heating bill are a strain on the family. During this adjustment time, Carlotta cannot afford health insurance. Carlotta shared with us that she feels “very happy” she found Faith Community Health through a referral this last year. And, she appreciates the assistance our team members give her when applying for the medicine she and her family need.


Faith Community Health will dispense more than 15,000 prescriptions valued at $3 million this year. For a diabetic patient named Paul*, this translates into preserving his eyesight. At one time, Paul could not afford glucose test strips, resulting in a partial loss of vision. Now that he has connected with Faith Community Health, he has access to the monitoring test strips and other medications that normally would cost him hundreds of dollars – for just $10 a month from our dispensary. Providing medications at affordable rates helps hundreds of patients, like Paul, with chronic illnesses, avoid preventable hospital admissions.


In 2019, Faith Community Health’s FaithCare program has increased to more than 40 employers with nearly 300 employees enrolled, positively impacting the lives of employers and their employees. As a FaithCare member for more than a year, Janet* has used KwikCare, clinic services, and the dispensary at Faith Community Health – at a cost of only $10 per visit. Before becoming a FaithCare member, when Janet needed to visit a doctor, it meant a trip to the hospital emergency room. Now, she is able to make a doctor’s appointment whenever she needs for only $10. Additionally, her employer, as a FaithCare partner, can afford to offer these same affordable healthcare services to her coworkers.  

With FaithCare, we’re not touching just one life. Rather, our services are presented to individuals, through participating employers, that otherwise may not ever hear about Faith Community Health.


When partners invest in Faith Community Health, they invest in people, not numbers. For every $10 invested in Faith Community Health, it creates $100 in healthcare value for our patients. What an incredible return on investment! The value we are able to create with your donations makes a big difference to the people we serve. Our Friends of Faith partners enable Faith Community Health to continue helping people remain in the workforce and care for their families.

Interested in partnering with Faith Community Health? A gift of $25 helps cover the unmet cost of a patient’s care for one month. Click here to donate or learn more.

*Names are changed to protect the privacy of our patients.