Loving All Means Serving All

Affordable healthcare for everyone. Just what does that mean?

Faith Community Health was founded by people of faith with a vision for fulfilling Christ’s command to “love your neighbor as yourself” through healthcare. Our vision statement captures the spirit of this with the phrase ‘Sharing God’s love through whole-person care.’

FAiTH’s mission statement helps define this more clearly with the phrases “Providing access to affordable healthcare and promoting wellness of spirit, mind, and body” (what we do) and “for the underserved who live or work in our community” (who we serve). Our community is specifically defined as Stone and Taney counties, including approximately 85,000 people who live here and another roughly 15,000 who travel here for employment.

For us, the “underserved” is defined primarily by household income limits established by the resources we utilize to provide medical services like prescription meds. A household income of up to two times the federal poverty limit (FPL) is a common guideline and serves as a basis for guiding our service rate categories. However, some pharmaceutical manufacturers make name-brand prescriptions available to households earning up to three times FPL. We work to accommodate these patients, allowing them access to the meds they need within our framework of care.

Obviously, we don’t serve everyone in this category, but we coordinate with other healthcare providers in our community to provide a continuum of care for people’s needs. People with low income who are eligible for Medicaid services (in Missouri, this includes households with dependents who earn no more than 21% of FPL, which equates to just a few hours per week of work) are served by Jordan Valley Community Health. Others, who may be destitute or unwilling to provide documentation required to access meds and services in our clinic, are served by Free Clinic of the Ozarks, a valuable organization that provides healthcare free of charge using only volunteers, as available.

Families with incomes above the poverty level are eligible for Marketplace Insurance plans, with federal assistance, and can more easily access healthcare through private clinics including CoxHealth and Mercy. Often, however, they have no health insurance and are unable to afford the cost of care. Many of these people, caught in the gap between Medicaid eligibility and health insurance, have nowhere else to turn. Jordan Valley serves a limited number of these families, but federal reimbursement formulas limit their reach.

While the majority of patients at FAiTH have household incomes under the poverty level, we are able to serve hundreds of families with incomes up to two or three times the federal poverty level, within the guidelines of our suppliers. We fill an important role in the network of care provided for people in need in our area.

Within our scope of care, Faith Community Health offers our services to everyone, without limitation. We believe that every human being has dignity and deserves the opportunity to be served in our clinic with the personal care and compassion any of us would wish for ourselves. Just as Christ demonstrated God’s love for us by freely offering the gospel for all, we share God’s love by making the whole person healthcare services we provide available to people of every race and ethnicity, every sexual orientation and religious persuasion, every political preference or ideology, all sexes and gender preferences, and any other measure used to distinguish among humans. We believe God’s grace should be freely shared and is entirely inclusive. We abhor racism and denigration of any class of people.

As a faith-based nonprofit organization, our employment practices are guided by our common faith. We hold to a core set of principles and values that support our vision and mission in the community. Federal law and the courts recognize an exception for faith-based organizations to allow them to recruit and employ people who are in accord with the religious principles of the organization. Because we want to employ people who fully embrace our commitment to caring for our community by sharing God’s love through whole-person care, this is a priority in our workplace.

FAiTH’s vision, mission, values, and principles are clearly defined on the About tab of our website at FaithCommunityHealth.org. Our values include caring, relating, improving, serving, and partnering. Our principles of faith include:

  • The Bible is inspired, is the only authoritative word of God, and is absolutely trustworthy
  • The Trinity; one God is eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • The deity of Jesus Christ, his sinless life and resurrection
  • Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Christ will return and judge the world
  • Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are united in spirit

Under the lordship of Jesus Christ, we welcome believers of every color, race, ethnicity, or nationality to participate fully in our workforce, sharing in this ministry of faith. We celebrate our diversity in the unity of a common faith in Christ Jesus.

Affordable healthcare for everyone. Together, we can make it happen. As Bob Goff says: Everybody. Always. Love does.


Kenn Tilus
Executive Director
hope 4 health