About Faith Community Health

Faith Community Health is a charitable clinic providing comprehensive health care and prescription services at affordable income-based rates. We serve people living or working in the Branson area, including Taney and Stone counties.

Our services include primary care, KWIKCare, vision, mental health, and in-house pharmaceutical services. Clinic services are available to anyone who meets financial and insurance qualifications.

We also provide affordable membership-based health care services for employers. FaithCare helps meet the healthcare needs of hundreds of uninsured employees with low $10 member fees supported by monthly employer contributions.

As a faith-based charitable organization, our vision is to share God’s love through whole-person care. It’s our mission to provide access to affordable healthcare and promote wellness of spirit, mind, and body for the underserved who live or work in our community.

In addition to primary care on a sliding fee scale for family health needs, same-day urgent care visits are available with KWIKCare for just $75 or less, in person or via KWIKCare Online in our clinic during normal clinic hours.

Prescriptions for Faith Community Health patients may be filled Monday through Friday in our onsite dispensary. Our patients have access to nearly all of their prescription needs for a simple $10 monthly administrative fee.

Eye care services that offer income-based exam fees and low, affordable prices for eyewear are available to our patients, often saving them hundreds of dollars, thanks to our partnership with Ozarks Family Vision Centre.

FaithCare benefit plans provide a solution to area employers for the medical, prescription, and vision needs of their uninsured workforce with low monthly subscription options and $10 appointment fees for healthcare services. FaithCare now includes FaithCare Virtual Visits through CoxHealth providers.

Faith Community Health creates value for our patients, saving them millions of dollars each year while helping to improve their health. Branson area businesses benefit from a healthier workforce with less absenteeism and turnover. Cox Medical Center Branson is able to refer patients with limited ability to pay for services to our clinic, ensuring that their ongoing medical and prescription needs are met and reducing avoidable hospital admissions and ER visits.

The direct value we provide to our patients is 10 times greater than the cost of our operations, thanks to partnerships with organizations like Dispensary of Hope, UMKC School of Pharmacy at MSU, drug manufacturers, Ozarks Family Vision Centre, CoxHealth, the Skaggs Foundation, the Roy W. Slusher Foundation, numerous local organizations who provide grant funding and the wonderful Friends of Faith who volunteer in our clinic.

How can we do this when patient fees cover only a portion of the cost of care? We are dependent on the generous donations of people who recognize the value of our work and care about the well-being of their friends and neighbors. Without you, Faith Community Health would not be able to bring hope to the more than 5,000 patients we have served. YOU make a huge difference in the lives of many families. Thank you, and may God bless you for your kindness.