Healthcare Services
for Uninsured Employees


Employers appreciate the simple administration, flexibility and low cost. FaithCare Medical is $29 per month, per member, for medical and prescription* services. Optional FaithCare Vision services are available for just $5 more.


Employees pay just $10 for primary medical visits, $10 for KwikCare visits and $10 per month for unlimited prescriptions. With FaithCare Vision, exams are $10 and prescription eyewear is available for low member pricing with a $10 dispensing fee.


Everyone benefits! Members may save $100’s in medical, prescription and eyewear services. Employers attract and retain qualified team members, saving money on turnover, reducing sick days, and improving customer satisfaction.

Faith Community Health partners with area businesses to meet the healthcare needs of uninsured workers through FaithCare direct healthcare services. FaithCare is not health insurance. *Members must demonstrate eligibility for prescription services.

Faith Community Health is a nonprofit medical clinic sharing God’s love through whole-person care, providing access to affordable healthcare and wellness for people who live or work in our community.

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