[accordion id=”faithcareEmpFaq”][accordion_item open=”true” title=”Contract Length?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]FaithCare services are pre-paid month by month. While employers will need to sign the FaithCare Health Services Agreement form, we do not require long term contracts. In conformity with Missouri law, a written notice of termination is required by either party.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Employee Orientation?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]A member of our team will be available to assist you with first time FaithCare orientation for your staff, as our schedule permits. Fees for this service are negotiable, depending on your requirements. Please contact Faith Community Health for details.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Enrollment process/invoicing?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Faith Community Health will provide you with a simple spreadsheet to enter the names of employees whom you are enrolling in FaithCare and calculate the amount due for the current month. You will need to return the spreadsheet with payment each month so we can validate currently enrolled FaithCare members for your organization. After the first of the month, we will return the spreadsheet for you to identify any additions or deletions and calculate payment for the next month. When you have updated the spreadsheet we will return a current invoice. Payments are due by the 25th of the month prior to service. Members will not have access to services until payment has been received.

[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”FaithCare Virtual Visits Info?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]

Your employees who are covered by FaithCare membership can access FaithCare Virtual Visits On Demand, powered by CoxHealth, for just $10. Services are available seven days a week, from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends. Members can easily download the app and visit with a provider online. The entire visit typically takes 20-30 minutes. CoxHealth maintains a help line for users who need assistance. Get detailed information at coxhealth.com/virtualvisits. Navigators help patients determine if they can be seen online or need to be referred elsewhere.

[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Family member eligibility?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]Uninsured spouses of employees are eligible for membership at the option of the employer. As the employer you are still responsible to identify spouses by name and remit payment along with other members on your payroll. If you elect to provide this coverage and find that some spouses have health insurance elsewhere, you are not obligated to provide insured spouses with FaithCare membership.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Income guidelines?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”icncome” class=”” style=””]

There are no income based requirements for FaithCare membership. However, access to prescriptions requires proof of eligibility annually to meet our supplier requirements. The following income limits are currently in effect, based on household size. Eligible patients will have access to both generic and name brand meds.

# in Household Income Limit
1 $38,640
2 $52,260
3 $65,880
4 $79,500
5 $93,120
6 $106,740
7 $120,360
8 $133,980
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Member services guide?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]The FaithCare Member Services Guide is available in printable PDF format on this website. You may choose to use it to orient your member employees. The information may be viewed online, or you may choose to print copies for member use.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Membership cards?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]FaithCare members will be issued a FaithCare membership card at the time of their first visit. FaithCare membership is only valid for the specific months that employees are on a current membership roster verified and paid in advance by the participating employer.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Participation guidelines?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]Each employer participating in FaithCare must meet requirements for enrolling employees who are not eligible for health insurance, according to these guidelines:

  • FaithCare membership is required for all employees working more than 9 hours per week who are not offered health insurance options at your firm, have completed your probationary period for new hires, and are not eligible for federal Health Insurance Marketplace coverage.
  • Employer may elect to include employees who are eligible for employer’s health insurance but have declined coverage, as a block. Individual election is not available.
  • At employer option, uninsured spouses of employees may elect to enroll in FaithCare membership through payroll deduction at member rates.
[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Payment due dates?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]Payment in full for current FaithCare members is due to Faith Community Health by the 25th of each month, in advance. Electronic processing options are available for payment through the FaithCare Employer Portal.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Prescription eligibility?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]To meet the requirements of our suppliers, every person using the Faith Community Health med office for prescriptions must provide proof of eligibility at least annually. Eligibility is based on two factors: 1) patient has no health insurance coverage for drugs, and 2) patient must meet household income guidelines established by the federal government. Eligibility for these programs is determined by pharmaceutical manufacturers and our pharmaceutical suppliers. Please refer to the above Income Guidelines section for details. A registration appointment is required to review documents and establish eligibility prior to receiving any prescriptions from the Faith Community Health med office.[/accordion_item][accordion_item title=”Seasonal payroll fluctuation?” parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” id=”” class=”” style=””]Since enrollment in FaithCare is month to month, you can easily adjust to seasonal fluctuations in your payroll. You only pay for those individuals on your payroll for the coming month who meet the FaithCare field of membership requirements. Some employers have indicated a desire to cover valued employees even when the business is closed for the season. You can always choose to enroll employees, even when you are not required to do so.[/accordion_item][accordion_item parent_id=”faithcareEmpFaq” title=”Workers Compensation limitations?” id=”” class=”” style=””]Faith Community Health operates on a cash basis only. We do not accept or process any insurance payments. If you have a FaithCare employee who needs to be seen for a Workers Compensation case, we will not be able to assist you with required documentation. Although we would be happy to care for your employee, you may experience legal concerns with your Workers Compensation coverage due to our inability to process any Workers Comp paperwork. Accordingly, you should recognize that it may be to your benefit to seek care for employees from a provider qualified to handle Workers Compensation cases.[/accordion_item][/accordion]