FAiTH offers both paid and volunteer positions

Medication Office Technician

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No paid positions open at this time

VOLUNTEER opportunities available. Click here for info.



No paid positions open at this time

VOLUNTEER opportunities available. Click here for info.



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⇒ Get to know FAiTH: Our vision, mission, values, and principles. 

As a faith-based nonprofit organization, our employment practices are guided by our common faith. We hold to a core set of principles and values that support our vision and mission in the community. Federal law and the courts recognize an exception for faith-based organizations to allow them to recruit and employ people who are in accord with the religious principles of the organization. Because we want to employ people who fully embrace our commitment to caring for our community by sharing God’s love through whole-person care, this is a priority in our workplace.

Within our scope of care, Faith Community Health offers our services to everyone, without limitation. We believe that every human being has dignity and deserves the opportunity to be served in our clinic with the personal care and compassion any of us would wish for ourselves. Just as Christ demonstrated God’s love for us by freely offering the gospel for all, we share God’s love by making the whole person healthcare services we provide available to people of every race and ethnicity, every sexual orientation and religious persuasion, every political preference or ideology, all sexes and gender preferences, and any other measure used to distinguish among humans. We believe God’s grace should be freely shared and is entirely inclusive. We abhor racism and denigration of any class of people.