Faith Community Health is able to provide most prescription needs for a simple $10 monthly administrative fee for our patients who meet eligibility requirements. We work with the Dispensary of Hope, Direct Relief, Americares and Patient Assistance Programs available through drug manufacturers to supply non-narcotic prescription needs for our patients.

For the convenience of our patients, the FAiTH Medication Office is open Monday through Friday during regular clinic hours when a provider is present. Our Med Techs work to obtain, organize and fill the meds required for FAiTH patients. Prescriptions may be filled at area pharmacies if patients prefer, or if we are unable to supply a particular need.

We do not dispense narcotics and we encourage patients to consider alternative therapies when they are available. FAiTH offers patient education to promote wellness of spirit, mind, and body.

For patients with chronic illnesses requiring expensive long term medications, our medication office can be a lifesaver, enabling them to continue working to provide for their families.

We are now able to provide treatment for Hepatitis C, leading to high rates of cure for many people. The cost for these meds typically exceeds $80,000, but our patients get what they need for our $10 monthly fee.

We are able to make this possible because of our status as a nonprofit charitable clinic. We benefit from hundreds of hours contributed every year by pharmacists and UMKC School of Pharmacy at MSU pharmacy students, who provide exceptional care for our patients. They serve in the clinic, monitoring meds, educating patients on meds and disease state management, and partnering with the provider to determine the best medication choices for a particular patient. Our patients are able to benefit from extensive pharmaceutical counseling and follow up to ensure that their medications are appropriate, effective, and are being taken as prescribed.

FAiTH patients save about $3,000 per year on prescriptions, on average, far more than they could afford to pay on their own. Patients with Diabetes, COPD, heart conditions and mental health disorders like anxiety and depression benefit from access to the prescriptions they need to maintain quality of life, thanks to our caring donors who know that a healthy community is better for everyone.

Patients in need of prescription care can begin the road to better health by contacting our registration office to schedule an appointment to verify eligibility.