Faith Community Health provides services to residents and employees in Stone and Taney counties. Eligibility for income-based rates and access to prescription meds must be verified. Patients will need to document income, household size, health insurance coverage, residency, employment, etc., to determine eligibility.

To schedule a registration appointment, call our registration office, 417-336-9355. A $10 registration fee will be charged for your appointment. If you are not eligible for discounted rates, the fee will be refunded. Failure to appear for your registration appointment will result in a $10 missed appointment fee. Annual updates are required to verify continuing income eligibility for services, as required by our partners. 

Documents needed to register
– Picture ID
– Green Card
– Social Security Card
– Tax Records*
– Income Records (Household)**
– Proof of residency or employment in Stone or Taney counties (rental contract, utility bill, property tax bill)
*Most recent 1040 OR be prepared to complete the 4506-T form
**Two most recent paycheck stubs or P&L and proof of unemployment, disability, and child support